The results you dream of.

How many times have you tried to organise your life to become more efficient and use time rationally?

Let me guess, you've participated in various programs, asked more organised friends to help you, went to therapy.

But none of this worked for you.

Could coaching help here?

Let me share the story of my client Polina.

In October, Polina booked a 30 min free session with me and attached the following message.

"I don't use my time rationally. I want to become more efficient and organised, learn to combine work, rest and hobby in my schedule and follow this schedule without endlessly postponing or cancelling tasks."

We had a nice chat, and she signed up for 12-week 1:1 coaching with me.

Polina works as an online teacher. She's also learning 2 foreign languages and looking for opportunities to develop herself as a craft artist. She has recently moved to another country and is trying to settle there. Besides that, she wants to get back on track and start training regularly.

Her daily schedule looked hectic and chaotic. Often she could postpone classes with students, get stuck on social media after waking up, even with a tight schedule ahead, or feel exhausted after a weekend because she spent it working.

One of her tasks was to devote time to playing with the structure of her days to find the best working one.

She diligently did the task by drafting various versions of how her days could look like. At the same time, she wrote reflections about the process, her feelings and her thoughts. We discussed it all in sessions, then she went back to work on it again.

Our 4th session was the one when we discussed Polina's daily priorities and non-negotiables, and this conversation unpacked that she:

  • doesn't understand the volume of tasks and activities she plans for a day;
  • has a headache when she needs to take a decision, and when it happens, she cancels all tasks in a day;
  • is easily distracted, regardless of how small or big the action is;
  • should slow down or pause when she feels overwhelmed instead of doing all she has on her plate further and then feeling exhausted.

This conversation and the previous 3 weeks of work helped us to reveal something that Polina has never noticed about herself and perceived as a norm. It was what stumbled her and prevented her from achieving the desired change.

Now when she is aware, she can consider all these stumbling blocks and work around them.

We're now in the 6th week of work, and Polina is very proud of doing yoga every morning: "First time in my life, I do something regularly and with pleasure!". Before bed, she started reading or painting instead of using the phone. She feels more energised and more confident seeing her first achievements and understanding herself better.

Thanks to coaching and a strong desire to change, Polina finally started to use her time more rationally, which she couldn’t have done for years before.