Health for Performance

Have you ever thought about Health as a tool to achieve your goals?

Some clients of mine either experienced burnout and want to get rid of the consequences or want to prevent burnout. Once, while describing to a client how the body works and what helps prevent burnout, I realized that Health is not a static value that can be measured by the fact that it is either good or bad, or that it exists or not. Health is actually dynamic and cyclical. And here is how it works.

External factors affect our overall well-being: the people around us, the food we eat, the environment we spend time etc. It all shapes how we feel and how we function.

Further, this dynamics has two ways:
1. When we feel bad, we feel fit for nothing and can't succeed in anything. It becomes impossible to build healthy relationships with people around us. As a result, the path to the goals looks dark and foggy. 
2. When we feel good, we have the strength and desire to do more and better. We become creative, and we desire out-of-the-box solutions. We crave challenges.

From now onwards, Health begins to influence our external environment: what and how we do, relationships we build with people around us, how we see life and how we react to what it gives us.

Hence, it is essential not just to be healthy, because everyone says so. There is a specific connection: Health is the foundation for our achievements in various aspects of life (professional, personal, sports, family, etc.). It is called Health for Performance.

Health in this idea implies not only physical Health but consists of 4 elements.

  • Physical Health. To function well, refine nutrition, recovery and activity.
  • Mental Health. To think sharp and make the right decisions, unlock a flexible mindset and be in power over the inner dialogue.
  • Emotional Health. To feel self-esteem and to be able to build healthy, long-lasting relationships, learn to be present, experience and understand a full range of emotions. 
  • Inner-Self. To know what truly matters and to be able to set the right goals, discover values, life priorities, and personal identity. 

As a result, aiming to live a healthy life helps maintain champion mode and achieve any desired goal, meanwhile being in harmony with inner-self.